TEG is a minority-owned, multi-disciplined, environmental services and consulting firm made up of highly skilled, dedicated, and motivated professionals.  

Since our establishment in 1995, we have maintained a successful track record of providing technically sound, timely and cost-effective 
investigation and remediation services to our wide range of clients. By combining our technical expertise with up-to-date environmental 
technology and ever changing environmental laws and requirements, we are able to provide the best environmental solutions to meet each clients’ needs.

                                                AND REVITALIZED COMMUNITIES”
About Us
Our mission is first and foremost, to improve the quality of life in communities by removing hazardous conditions and aiding in the structural and financial revitalization of blighted areas and under-served populations.

We are committed to revitalizing communities by paving the way for affordable housing, new business opportunities and economic growth and thereby creating financial stability.

Our vision is “Renewed and Redeveloped Urban Centers“ vital and sustainable by new economic opportunities. We are COMMITTED to restoring urban community viability.

We are your first step in Urban Redevelopment, we provide customized solutions and efficient execution for this imperative first step in your project.

TEG was founded in 1995. It began as a dream from the vision of a passionate young 
environmental scientist, Derek Gideons, who after finishing college and working for almost  
ten years in various environmental companies decided to strike out on his own and 
TEG Environmental Services was born.

Gideons’ expertise, diligence and reliability led to several key grants during those first inaugural months. In 1995 he was one of four Detroit entrepreneur recipients awarded a startup grant of $10,000 by AT&T Capital Corporation and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Within a year, TEG was at the forefront of the environmental industry, building a reputable client base, receiving media recognition and even a call from the office of former Vice President Al Gore.

TEG specializes in the administration, financial procurement, investigation and remediation of Brownfield/Urban Redevelopment sites, as follows: 

* We are the nation’s FIRST 100% African-American owned firm to administer over $1,000,000in USEPA Brownfield grants and loans for a municipality; Wayne County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (1997-2006).

* We are the FIRST 100% African -American owned firm to administer a State of Michigan MDEQ Site Reclamation Grant for the City of Detroit’s Planning and 
Development Department; St. Anne’s Gate (1996-2002). 

* TEG is the FIRST City of Detroit based environmental consulting firm listed by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) as a ”noted and respected provider of environmental services to the Southeast Michigan non-profit 
development community.”

In just 16 years TEG has been instrumental in the turnaround of urban neighborhoods, 
removing hazardous materials from contaminated and blighted areas, paving the way for new homes, new businesses and economic growth. 
Derek Gideons

The founder of TEG is a multi-faceted environmental scientist with a strong background in 
environmental investigation and remediation, and analytical chemistry. He has spent over 21 years in the environmental consulting industry, with the last 16 years dedicated to his own business in the following capacities:  

* Brownfield Project Manager- Over 10 years of experience in the administration, 
financial procurement, investigation and remediation of Brownfield /Urban 
Redevelopment sites.

* Remediation Engineer - Designing, implementing and managing all phases of 
groundwater and soil remediation projects. Design and cost estimate proposal  
development, remediation system pilot testing, subcontractor supervision, project budget management, technical report preparation, and client/regulatory agency 

* Project Manager - Environmental Impairment Risk Assessments (EIRAs), 
Remedial Action Plans (RAPs), Contamination Assessment Work Plans (CAPs) , 
Feasibility Studies (FS), NPDES permits, various Underground Storage Tank Sites (USTs) , and other related assessment activities.

* Chief Chemist and Laboratory Manager - Developed an analytical 
chromatography laboratory based on USEPA Methods 601, and TO-14 priority 
pollutant methodology that specialized in air sample, water , and soil analysis.

Laura L. Krol

Ms. Krol is a Professional Geologist (California) who has worked with TEG over 12 years. Ms. Krol has over 20 years of environmental geologic and hydrogeologic experience. Her qualifications include:

* Project management; client and agency interaction and negotiations; hydrogeologic interpretation; contaminant delineation and response activities based on current environmental law and regulations; vadose and groundwater monitoring and water well design and installation oversight; aquifer pumping and slug test performance and analysis; groundwater modeling; in-office and field work coordination, scheduling, and organization; budget tracking, approval, and billing; document preparation; and subcontractor coordination, scheduling, and interaction.

* A diverse project basis including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Phase II Investigations, Brownfield Redevelopment Assessments (BRAs), Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEAs), Compliance Analysis (CAs), Remedial 
Investigations and Feasibility Studies (RI/FS); Remedial Action Plans (RAPs), and remediation.  

* Contaminant assessment development and implementation pursuant to the State of 
Michigan rules and regulations associated with Remedial Action, BEAs, and 
Compliance Analysis/ Due Care (Part 201) and Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (Part 213). She also has experience with the Ohio VAP, RCRA, and Superfund 

A thorough knowledge of geologic processes and multiple fluid flow in porous medium via her research at Western Michigan University, her four years of oil and gas experience and her
extensive environmental experience.

Cristine Pullen

Ms. Pullen has worked with TEG for over 10 years as Office Manager. She brings over 30 years of office management and administrative experience that includes:

* Successfully owned and operated two of her own businesses.
Developed and implemented new office systems.
Coordinated and facilitated new programs.
Developed and implemented new business marketing strategies.

* Assisted as a consultant for several small businesses in developing office systems,
programs, marketing plans, employment practices and day -to-day office