TEG provides extensive environmental services that range from intial Due Dilligence to Remediation System Design and Maintenance. Our services are tailored to fit your project needs. 

We are committed to ensuring the most cost-effective solutions through understanding our clients’ needs and combining that knowledge with our technical expertise , state of the art technology, and the current 
environmental regulations and laws.

Our Comprehensive Environmental Services Include:

“TEG is capable of translating conceptual remediation approaches from the remediation group into the hard reality of engineering designs and procurement specification...” 

- Warren T. Palmer; Business Development Growth 
Environmental Serivces

Brownfield Redevelopment
TEG specializes in Brownfield Urban Redevelopment and is the industry leader in
 Brownfield Sites;

  • Federal (HUD & USEPA), State (MSHDA & MDEQ), and Local 
           (City and County) government program management.

  • Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), Lead Based Paint Surveys (LBPs), and 
           Abatement Management.

  • Hydrogeological Investigations.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

The ESA process generally includes a federal, state and local governmental and environmental records review, site reconnaissance, and interviews with available property Representatives in accordance with the ASTM standards definition E 1527 Phase I ESAs may also include include investigations of : Underground storage tanks, soil surface staining, discarded drums, surface dumping, suspected or documented landfilling, asbestos containing materials, surface water impacts and wetlands within property boundaries.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (PHASE II)

Phase II investigations are performed to determine whether or not suspect or potential RECs discovered during the ESA have adversely affected a subject property. These evaluations include intrusive sampling of site soils, ground water, surface water, sediment or fill materials.

Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEA)

BEAs are conducted to provide a measure of liability protection for the prospective, new purchaser of a verified “Facility” (contaminated property), if they did not cause the source of contamination. It involves establishing a baseline level of contamination and ensuring that the pre-existing condition is not exacerbated in any manner.